Terms and Conditions Agreement

This Terms and Conditions Agreement between the Aizen Business Associate (henceforth referred to as Business Associate)and Aizen Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. (henceforth referred to as Company), a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 with its Registered Office at 11/1, 1st Floor, Chaitanya, 5th Main, Chamrajpet, Bangalore - 560018, is entered into, in consideration of the mutual promises and commitments contained herein witnesseth under. By using Cyber office and website (www.aizenlife.com), the Business Associate or any of the Business Associate’s representatives, and their legal heirs shall agree to comply with the "Terms and Conditions" listed below. It is the Business Associate’s duty and responsibility to familiarize themselves with their rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions, along with the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Use, Payment Policy, Terms & Conditions for Website Use, Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy, govern the manner in which the Business Associate transacts their business with and Other Business Associates(s) they have referred or Business Associates(s) in their team.

Reserves the right to change, at its discretion, any of these Terms and Conditions to accommodate evolving business needs, and Business Associate should read them periodically to stay abreast of any such changes.

1. Definitions

a) Cyber Office refers to the Business Associate’s authorized means of conducting their business online through the officially published website with access provided by the Company

b) Line of Sponsorship shall include the Business Associate; their Sponsor; and so forth and shall end at. 'Team' shall refer to all Business Associates sponsored directly and indirectly by a Business Associate,

c) The Literature shall mean the Success Guide (containing the Policy Manual), the Product Catalogues, the Newsletter, and any other literature(s) printed or published online at Business Associate Cyber Office or at www.aizenlife.comby the Company.

d) Closest Relative shall refer to spouse of Business Associate, any lineal ascendant or descendant of Business Associate.

e) 'Leadership Achievers' shall mean those Associates with leadership status above the ‘Business Associate’ membership.

f) The Marketing Plan shall mean the Marketing plan as described in the Success Guide (containing the Policy Manual), the Product Catalogues, the Newsletter, Company Official PPT, PDF, and any other literature(s) printed or published online at Business Associate Cyber Office or at www.aizenlife.com

g) The rules shall mean the Rules of Conduct

h) The Code shall mean the Code of Ethics

Any use of the above terminology or other words in singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to the same.

2. The Business Associate Agrees:

a) To regularly create and promote the sale of products in the following ways-

i. To sell and deliver products to ultimate consumers only. Business Associate recognizes the importance of providing the best possible service to customers. It is understood that, it is a direct–to–consumer sales whose marketing plans and successes are based upon Business Associate personally selling products directly to consumers. For these reasons, Business Associates agree to present and sell products using direct-to-consumers methods only and not in any other manner whatsoever.

ii. Not to sell, demonstrate or display products in any retail outlet or through any e-commerce website or any online, digital means of any nature OTHER than Aizen Shopping Cart Website or Cyber Office.

iii. Not to sell to anyone, the complimentary promotional material provided by the Company

b) Business Associate and their spouse may not enrolthemselvesin any other network marketing programs; may not sell or promote to other Business Associates, other network marketing products that are similar to or in competition with Company products and services; nor enrol Business Associates in any other network marketing programs.

c) To present products and all facts concerning the business opportunity with in a truthful and honest manner and to make only those product claims that are specifically stated for each product in printed material provided by the Company or online published by the Company

d) As an independent contractor, Business Associates shall comply with all Central, State and local laws applicable to their businesses. 

e) That all purchase orders submitted are subject to acceptance by the Company. 

f) That the Business Associate in not an employee or agent of the Company nor a partnership is created between the parties by this Agreement. The Business Associate is not authorized to incur any debt or other obligation of commitment on behalf of the Company. 

g) To accept and comply with Company’s Marketing Plan, and the Rules of Conduct (the 'Rules'). It is understood that the Marketing plan and the Rules, form an integral part of this Agreement and may be revised from time to time, as provided in the Rules. 

h) That every Business Associate who is granted a Bulk Purchase discount agrees and promises to re-sell the products to other Business Associates at the distributor price (DP) along with other offers if any, in line with the prevailing price list and offers as applicable. 

i) In the event that the sum due to a Business Associate is less than the limit specified by the Company from time to time, the Business Associate hereby irrevocably authorizes to apply or credit such sum towards commissions earned or any future purchase made by the Business Associate

j) That at Company’s request, from time to time, to pay to advances, security deposits, or other sums requested in respect of services rendered or goods delivered and such advances may be made at the same time as delivery of goods. 

k) To be bound by the valuation of all transactions as set out in the documents issued by the Company at each month end or otherwise. 

l) To settle all accounts with in a timely manner, Failure to do so will incur additional charges. An annual interest of 24% will be charged from due date of the goods supplied remaining unpaid, Every Business Associate agrees and authorizes to write back amount in the account within 12 months from the date of last purchase. 

m) To participate in the electronic clearance service (ECS) introduced by RBI and undertake to inform immediately of any subsequent changes related to the bank details. The Business Associate would not hold responsible if the trade discount payment is delayed for the reasons beyond the control of the Company. 

n) To furnish Permanent Account No (PAN) immediately on joining as a Business Associate &agree to accept a consolidated TDS certificate towards Tax deducted at source by the Company for the period/year ending on 31st March (i.e. financial year) The Business Associate further agrees & authorizes to debit their account with the Tax amount deducted & deposited by the Company on behalf of the Business Associate. 

o) To explain and inform about the general conditions of the Company to the Business Associate introduced by him and ensure that same has been understood by the Business Associate introduced by them. 

p) Reserves the right to accept or reject any Associate referred, without providing any explanation or reason, also reserves the right not to entertain any appeal in cases of rejection.

q) Upon confirmation as an Independent Business Associate, a person shall not act as an agent, partner, joint venture participant or employee of the Company in any transaction, nor have any expressed, implied or extensible authority to bind or make any expressed or implied representation or warranty on behalf of the Company.

r) Business Associate would only be authorized to buy products from and refer new Business Associate(s) or Preferred Customers to in accordance with all the Terms and Conditions stated herein.

s) Will deduct taxes upfront on commissions released / contra- cash option in countries where it is mandated by law.

t) Income guarantees or representations of any kind or making false or misleading claims, or unreasonable or intentional misrepresentations with regard to the income potential of the Business Associate or Products, including exhibition of actual or copies of commission checks is forbidden. Such claims, if directed to prospective or new Associates, can be sources of discouragement if their performance fails to meet the represented expectation within a period. The real income potential for a Business Associate is adequately reflected in the Marketing Plan. It shall be used as the basis of income to eliminate the need or temptation to make misleading or unrealistic claims.

u) Products are not intended as a Cure or Medication for any illnesses of any kind and any claims supporting the same is explicitly forbidden. Business Associates are not allowed to prescribe our products as Medications or Cure for ailments of any kind. Our Business Associates are also prohibited from demonstrating “curative powers” of our Products on any platforms.

v) The Business Associate shall make no guarantees or claims for success of any Business Associates.

w) Business Associate shall not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information, materials and audio-visual content found or offered on this website for any particular purpose.

x) The Business Associate accepts that their Business Associate’s Account can be inherited, bequeathed or transferred subject to Company’s approval of any change in ownership.

y) The Cyber office shall be accessed by the Business Associate from the website. Such service may be provided at all times, but shall not be accessible in case of any unforeseen error or wherein the site is under construction/maintenance and such events are subject to occur without notice. 

z) The Business Associate shall be required to maintain a safe and secure password at all times, change it frequently to safeguard the same and shall not share it with any other individuals.

3. Company Agrees:

a) That as an incentive to promote purchases of products, shall give each Business Associate who qualifies (under rules set out in the Marketing Plan) a trade discount based only on the volume of purchases from the Company. 

b) May withhold the commission which is otherwise payable to any Business Associate if there is any outstanding and may additionally forfeit the same in appropriate cases at the sole discretion and judgment of the Company.

c) That it does not reserve any right to direction or control concerning the Business Associate's business and that Business Associate is non-exclusive and is subject to no geographic restrictions.

d) To provide Incentives and Awards as per eligibility criteria communicated, subject to full compliance with Code of ethics. Other rules and policies and responsibilities of Business Associates as mentioned below.

e) Company will dispatch the products ordered upon realization of payment, and the Business Associate will receive their products within a maximum of 7 days for local shipments and 14 days for international deliveries. However,Company will not be responsible for late or delayed deliveries caused by logistical issues or other causes beyond Company’s control. Products shall be shipped to the Business Associate by a reputed courier service to the address provided by the Business Associate during the time of Registration. The products must be received by the Business Associate personally or an authorized person. In most countries, where local taxes are applicable, the Business Associate will have to bear the same, and pay the courier or give instruction to pay such charges directly to the relevant authorities before delivery is made. Shipping charges are not included in the Product Price. However, in the event of a wrong address being given through no fault of Company’s, additional shipping charges for receiving and re-delivery of the product shall be payable from the Business Associate’s account. In cases where GST, VAT or other taxes are applicable, the same shall be payable by the Business Associate. Business Associates must check and verify stocks received at the time of collection from the Shipping Company. In case of discrepancies, the Business Associate should inform of the same via E-mail and Phone contact with proof of discrepancies, within 24 Hours upon receipt of goods.

f) The Company is committed to protecting the privacy, security and confidentiality of website and cyber office users. Personal Information is collected at the time of enrolment or product purchase, and such information collected shall be used solely to improve our services and enhance overall experience for Business Associates. The Business Associate shall accept that all relevant information concerning their individual profile is placed online in their Cyber Office.

We shall not sell, distribute, or release Business Associate’s personal information to third parties unless we have their permission or are required to do so by law. We may use the information to send promotional information about any new products we may launch and which we believe will be of value to Enriching Career of the Business Associates.

4. Validity

This Agreement shall become effective on the date of acceptance of Business Associate by allotting the User Name and BA ID and shall remain in effect for 12 months. And it may be auto-renewed for successive periods of one year at Company’s sole discretion.

5. Business Account

All Business Accounts that have been activated by SPONSOR Business Associates using E-PIDs or Online registration through the Business Associate’s self-replicated website.  Each Business Account is identified by a system generated Business Account ID number (BA ID) which is an 8-digit numerical random number. This BA ID is final and cannot be changed for any reason. Business Account is also identified by a unique Business Account name (User Name) created by the Business Associate or Sponsor, up to a maximum of 15 characters long, minimum of 5 characters length and a combination of alphabets or alphabets and numbers which can be editable. It is the Business Associate’s responsibility to select their User Name carefully, avoiding any issues relating to race, religion, and the law.

When Business Associate sponsors a New Business Associate, they reserve the right as sponsor to decide on the placement of the new Business Account. The Business Associate can only place the new Business Account under their genealogy, directly under their Business Center(s), or if the placement is occupied it will automatically fall in the next available position under the line, which is known as 'spill over'. Placement must be specified during the Sign-Up process in all cases including manual orders and shall comply accordingly.

In cases where prospect signs up as Business Associate directly from the sponsor’s self-replicated website, the system will automatically place the new Business Associate as per the default placement set by the sponsor in their Cyber Office, and if no default placement is set, the system will automatically place the new Business Account on the sponsor’s weaker leg or inner leg of the Business Center.

Business Accounts will expire on the 13th month from the month of activation, however every Business Associate has 30 days extension (till the end of the 13th month) after which the Business Associate will become ‘inactive’ and does not get commission computation, and the password is automatically reset. Registered Business Associates can “Re-activate” their Business Accounts by Self-Repurchase Activation of minimum single product within 30 days.

6. Commission and Incomes

The Business Associate, as the SPONSOR, has the opportunity to sign up individuals as Business Associates, products worth Business Volume as prescribed. The following rules apply:

a) In Order to be eligible to earn commission, the Business Associate must sponsor a minimum of 1 Business Associate on each side (left and right) of their Business Center.

b) Only the activated Business Centers of registered Business Associates are entitled for commissions. Customers and suspended/terminated Business Associates will not be eligible for commission. 

c) Commissions are calculated as per the Marketing Plan as mentioned in official literature or as in Marketing Plan at Download Section of BA Office. Company will not be responsible for any of the misinterpretations or assumptions made by Business Associates. 

d) All commissions are calculated and disbursed in the local currency of the country only where it has a registered office. In othercountries, the Business Associate has to use the accumulated commission to purchase products (Contra Cash option) only.

e) All commissions earned will be accumulated and reflected in the respective Business Associate’s Commission Statement in their Cyber Office. 

f) Any error in Commission posting must be notified to the Company by the Business Associate via their registered Email-ID to the Company Email-ID admin@aizenlife.com.

g) Tax deduction at Source (TDS) and Service Tax as per local Laws of the Land, will be applicable on the commission. However, the Business Associate is responsible to pay any other taxes as applicable locally.

h) Commissions accumulated by the Business Associate as shown in their commission statement, can be used to buy products (Contra Cash option). 

i) The transfer of commissions earned, from one Business Associate cyber office to another Business Associate cyber office, is not allowed.

j) Company reserves the right to adjust or amend their Marketing plan when deemed necessary.

7. Commission Payment

The IT systems automatically posts, below mentioned, periodically into the respective Business Associate in their Cyber Office as per the prevailing marketing plan:

a) All commissions based on “Confirmed” sales in the Commission Statement Account

b) Business Associates’ Leadership Status Achievement and Leadership Incentives Achieved on their Cyber office, as soon they meet the criteria. 

It is the Business Associates’ responsibility to verify any discrepancies and report within 7 days of posting. The onus rests on the Business Associate to inform if the Commission Release is not reflected in their Commission Wallet and or Bank Account.

8. Product Pricing & IDs

a) All prices displayed in Company Website are the Distributor Price (DP). The DP is the price on which the BV is based and commissions calculated. 

b) Products prices vary from country to country depending on the local taxation and logistics involved. Local Domestic Prices/ Retail Prices are displayed / listed in respective country websites. 

c) Local Domestic Price (LDP) includes Distributor Price + Domestic Handling Changes (DHC) 

d) Product prices might include DHC, GST, VAT, Sales Taxes, and/ or other form of Taxes, if there are such requirements in a country and these are not commissionable. Only the BV allocated to a Product is Commissionable.

9. Communication

a) The Company reserves the right to recognize only those messages received via the Messenger System found in the Cyber Office and through only registered email id. Does not entertain different email id request or enquiry unless they are Preferred Customers who have purchased directly from Office with a Business Associate. 

b) Formal written letters and or Authorized Forms (e.g.: Password Request Form) are also acceptable modes of communication. 

c) E-mails and other communications are transmitted to registered Business Associates and Preferred Customers. Company does not transmit uninvited communications, and condemns Internet spamming - the practice of sending unsolicited e-mail to as many recipients as possible, regardless of their relevance. Company prohibits Employees, Business Associates from using Internet spamming to promote and market its business. The penalties for spamming are the immediate termination of the offending Employee’s services or of the offending Business Associate’s account. Any complaint by Business Associates and Preferred Customers against another must be in written form and directed to for investigation. Company’s decision shall be final.

10. The Code of Ethics and Rules of conduct 

The Code of Ethics (the Code) and the Rules of Conduct (the Rules), as they form an integral part of the terms of the Business Associate Registration Form, are as below. A Business Associate must comply with the Code and Rules and any amendments to them that have been published in the Newsletter, website or otherwise communicated to the Business Associate. This Code and the Rules are there for Business Associates’ protection, to ensure that all fellow Business Associates maintain the same high standards. 

The Code of Ethics 

As a Business Associate, I agree to conduct my business according to the following principles: 

a) I will uphold and follow the Rules of Conduct as laid out in this official Terms and Conditions document, website and other literature. I will observe not only 'the letter' but also 'the spirit' of the Rules. 

b) My guiding principle for doing business with anyone that I meet in my capacity as an Business Associate, is to treat them as fairly as I would like to be treated myself. 

c) I will present Company’s products and the Business Opportunity to my customers and Business Associates in an honest and truthful manner. I will make only such claims that are mentioned in the official literature. 

d) I will be courteous and prompt in servicing and taking orders from my customers, as well as in the handling of complaints. I will follow the procedures outlined in the Company Official Online Notification for replacement of products. 

e) I will accept and carry out the different prescribed responsibilities of a Business Associate as laid out in the Company Official Literature. 

f) I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility. 

g) I shall not, under any circumstances, use the network for marketing other products than those approved by the Company. I shall respect the direct to-consumer method of distribution and therefore not sell through any retail outlets of any nature. 

Rules of conduct 

Business Associate membership status eligibility

a) To become an Business Associate, a candidate should, as a general rule, be sponsored by an existing registered Business Associate or Sponsored by the Company. Under certain circumstances, Company can assign a prospective Business Associate to any network or any Business Associate. 
b) The Company reserves the right to refuse any application or re-application without providing any reasons. 
c) The Companyreserves the right to deduct the Annual Cyber Office maintenance fee and any other outstanding payments from the Business Associate’s commission account. 

d) Business Associates may resign their membership at any time by giving written notice to the Company through Letter or their Registered E-mail ID. They have to ensure that all dues to the Company or from the Company are to be settled before tendering resignation. All the Business Accounts where the Business Associate had resigned will be “De-commissioned” and CANNOT be re-activated again. 

e) Former Business Associates may apply for new membership under the following conditions: 

i. At least 30 days must have elapsed since the previous membership has been terminated by resignation (unless otherwise agreed by the Company). 
ii. The new application must specify that it is being made under this rule. 

f) Membership may be granted to individuals, Private Limited Companies, limited liability companies, partnership firms. A legal entity must provide the name of the person authorized to act on its behalf, as well as any limitations in their authorization. Partners are mutually responsible and can reclaim all dues from either or both in case of non-payment. 

g) The Company reserves the right to suspend a Business Associate's membership for up to 12 months with immediate effect, pending investigation of violation of rules. 

11. Maintaining Lines of sponsorship 

a) Business Associate(s), whose membership(s) are active, are not allowed to register again under a different line of sponsorship. If they do, they are liable to lose their entire network and both the Business Account Ownerships. They are only allowed to register again after termination. 

b) Transfer of a Business Associate’s entire or partial team is not allowed. 

c) In case of a Business Associate's death, a Membership may be inherited by the next of kin of the deceased. Written claim for the Membership must be made within three months. In the absence of any such claims, the Membership will be terminated automatically.

d) Business Associates who wish to transfer their membership may be allowed to do so, but only to their spouse or one of their children (at the discretion of the Company). A letter requesting such a transfer along with other prescribed documents must be sent to the Company. Business Associates who have transferred their membership under this rule may apply for membership again if at least 30 days has elapsed since their last Membership was transferred. 

12. Responsibilities of a Business Associate

a) No Business Associate shall use the network for marketing other company products or schemes which are not officially approved by the Company. 

b) Business Associates must not in any way misrepresent the quality, performance or availability of any product(s). They should not make any claims for products other than those on the product labels or in the official Literature. Business Associates shall indemnify for any costs or damages arising from such misrepresentations. 

c) No Business Associate is allowed to steal a prospect from another Business Associate, nor interfere by soliciting Business Associates in the line of sponsorship of another Business Associate. 

d) A Business Associate should not represent that they have any employment relationship with the Company. When presenting the Business Opportunity to others, Business Associate must emphasize that it involves running an independent business and is not an offer of employment. Furthermore, a Business Associate has no authority to bind or assume obligations on behalf of the Company. They shall indemnify in respect of any costs or damages arising from any non-compliance of these rules and such misrepresentations. 

e) A Business Associate shall not compel or force those in their team, to order through them, order any minimum order size or maintain stocks. All Business Associates may order any quantities directly from the Company, but handling and courier fees may apply depending on order size. It is up to the individual Business Associate's judgment to determine if they should keep any stock. 

f) A Business Associate may not place orders in the name of another Business Associate, without that Business Associate's prior written approval. 

g) Whenever a customer requests the Guarantee of Excellence to be honoured, the Business Associate shall offer the customer the choice of a full refund of the purchase price or full credit for exchange with the same or another product as per exchange and refund policy of the Company. 

h) Business Associates shall comply with all laws, regulations and codes of practice applying to the operation of their membership and shall not engage in any activity, which may bring either them or to the Company into disrepute. 

i) In building their team, Business Associates shall ensure that all new Business Associates will follow the credit terms. 

j) In becoming a Sponsor, Business Associates shall ensure that they train and motivate their personally sponsored Business Associates. They shall also ensure that all Business Associates whom they sponsor are given with full information.

k) A Business Associate may not be involved in interviews with any media, whether by television, radio, magazines, etc., nor utilize any advertising media (including the internet) without Company’s prior written consent. Promotional material provided by the Company for specific advertising use could be used as specified without further approval. 

l) It shall be the Business Associate’s responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through the cyber office or the website, meets their own specific requirements. 

13. Responsibilities of a Leadership Achiever

In addition to the general rules for all Business Associates, the following rules apply to Leadership Achievers. Violation of any of these special rules will result in immediate loss of Leadership Status and privileges - including commissions, performance incentives, awards, bonuses and cash awards and may even result in termination of membership. 

A leader must service their team Business Associates monthly by: 

a) Recruiting and continuously developing the team. 

b) Assisting, guiding and motivating the Team

c) Conducting periodic meetings to train and motivate the Team

d) Maintaining frequent communication, informing about meeting dates, venues, product news, training sessions, etc. to the Team

e) Participating in all seminars and meetings 

f) Enforcing the Code of Ethics and the Rules and leading by example 

g) Training the Business Associates and their downlines in all Business Associates organized or company organized training programs

h) Attending business meetings that you are called upon to by management. 

i) A Business Associate/Business Associate's spouse may not represent any other direct selling company without Company’s written consent. 

A Business Associate must follow any additional rules or instructions communicated in writing or through Cyber Office by the Company. 

14. Other rules and policies

a) There are no exclusive territories or franchises available under the policy. No Business Associate has the authority to grant, sell, assign or transfer such a territory or franchise. All Business Associate are free to conduct their business in any part of the Country.  

b) A Business Associate is independent from the Company. The only title which may be used on business cards and other printed materiel of Business Associates is 'Independent Business Associate'.

c) Company trademarks, logos and name may not be used by the Business Associate without prior written consent from the Company. If consent is obtained, trademarks and logos must be used exactly as stated in guidelines. Unauthorized use or duplication of patents, trademarks, logos or copyrights is a violation of Central and State Government laws and appropriate action shall be taken accordingly. 

d) All printed material, videos, photographs, design, music and lyrics are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by anyone without prior written approval from the Company. 

e) Under no circumstances is any person authorized to repackage or in any way alter the packaging or labelling of the products. products are to be sold in their original packaging only. 

f) No Business Associate may produce or procure from any source other than any item upon which the trademark or logos are printed, unless approved by the Company in writing. 

g) No Business Associate shall sell, demonstrate, or display products in any retail out. No literature may be sold or displayed in such retail outlets. Establishments, which technically are not retail outlets, such as beauty parlours, clinics, etc. may be used as venues to display, but not to sell the products. 

h) Company products should not cause damage or injury if they are used for their intended purpose and in accordance with instructions provided. Company is not responsible in any way if a business associate indulges in changing label, misrepresenting the product, or from making claims other than those listed on the product or printed in the literature.

i) The Company reserves the right to deduct at any time any outstanding dues from the commission account or awards due for payment to the Business Associate. 

j) In order to be entitled for 7 Star Bonus, Cheque Matching Bonus, Repurchase Commission and carry forward of RV and BV, Business Associate must make a minimum purchase within every 30 days and or satisfy any such other conditions as prescribed by the Company. 

k) If a Business Associate in any way is involved, legally or otherwise, in any dispute or activity that may involve or negatively affect the Company or its reputation, such Business Associate’s information must be immediately informed to the Company.

l) If a legal issue arises between the Business Associates, Company shall not be held responsible. Business Associates has full responsibility to resolve such issues at their own expense. 

m) Company has the right to change its prices and range without prior notice. Company will not give any compensation for any losses suffered due to price changes, range, quantity changes or products being out of stock. 

n) Company reserves the right to expand or revise the Marketing Plan, Success Guide, Online Published articles, qualification criteria, re-qualification criteria or the Codes and Rules with immediate effect. 

n) Any refund of a sale or order placed by any Business Associate will be considered for the reversal of commissions and rewards accordingly and shall be affected to the Business Associates in the line of sponsorship.

15. Termination 

a) Any Business Associates found in breach or violation of any of these Terms and Conditions may be subjected to disciplinary action by the Company. Such action may include limitation of the Business associate’s rights or the outright termination of their account(s). Disciplinary action may also include oral and/or written warning, suspension, and forfeiture of commissions and/or awards. The Company reserves the right to claim reimbursement from Business Associate for expenses, including legal fees and charges, resulting from the breach or violation. The Company may terminate the Agreement by Seven days prior written notice if Business Associate violates the Agreement and fails to correct the violation before the expiration of such notice period. The Company may terminate this Agreement by giving sevendays’ prior written notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, may terminate the Agreement by written notice with immediate effect if Business Associate becomes insolvent or has made any false statement in Business Associate Application or is involved in any criminal call excepting case of vehicle accident, or is in breach of code of ethics or the Rules or is in breach of clause 1 (B) mentioned above. Such termination may result in exercising its right to pursue reasonable legal recourse. 

b) Terminated Business Associates lose all rights and privileges that accompany the membership, including their network. 

c) Out of goodwill, Company would consider an appeal against such action. But Company decision would be final. A Business Associate wishing to appeal against disciplinary action must do so within fourteen days of the date of disciplinary or termination notice, after which the disciplinary or termination action shall be final and conclusive. 

16. Jurisdiction

It is agreed by the Company and between Business Associate that the Bangalore Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matter, claim or dispute arising out of or in any way, relating to this agreement. 

17. Important

a) In case of any inconsistency between these terms and the Marketing Plan and the Rules, the above terms shall prevail.

b) If Business Associate is having any questions about this business they have to consult their Sponsor or Business Associate in their Line of Sponsorship in the first instance. 

c) If they still need clarification, they canwrite to Company at admin@aizenlife.com

d) Whenever products are sold to customers, in such an event it should be sold at the price shown in the Catalogue by Business Associate.